Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Election 6: postal vote forms arrive

Over 61,000 postal voting forms have begun arriving in homes today.  That is around 20% of the electorate in Edinburgh.

Now if you are one of the new people on the electoral roll the Electoral Commission have provided a guide for  you.

Forgive me for the further advice but

  • on the purple/lilac ballot an X in the box beside Gavin Brown (if you are in the Edinburgh Southern part of the ward) or Iain McGill (if you are in the Edinburgh Central part of the ward) will be appreciated
  • on the peach/buff coloured ballot paper an X beside the Scottish Conservative and Unionist Party (fifth box down) will be most welcome
  • On the referendum - the grey ballot paper - I will be putting my X beside the 'No' vote for reasons which you will find here.

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