Friday, 22 April 2011

Food waste recycling pilot underway

Some streets in the ward will be included in the pilot which starts this month.

The pilot is trialling different sizes, shapes and brands of food waste bins.  All pilot properties will be given a starter pack that includes a kitchen caddy, food waste bin (for kerbside collection areas), compostable liners (for the kitchen caddy) and an information leaflet/calendar.

The Scottish Government have instructed that all councils provide a food waste collection service by 2013 and government and the EU have increased the pressure with substantial landfill penalties.  The food waste collected will be composted.  The landfill tax on 20,000 tonnes of food waste would amount to £1m which equates to 5p per kilo.  Of course there are collection costs to offset against that

Details of streets included in the pilot will be included in the Green Box Day website in a few days.

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