Thursday, 28 April 2011

Guardian to close Edinburgh local site

The attempt by the Guardian newspaper to establish a local Edinburgh site has ended in failure.  The one year experiment was led for much of the time by beatblogger Michael MacLeod, with whom I had a very constructive relationship.

Michael frequently featured items from this blog and he did an excellent audio interview with me as a blogging councillor.

I wish Michael best wishes as he moves on.  

There remain other local blogs which have sprung up since I started this one in 2007, including the neighbouring Tollcross Online and The Edinburgh Reporter.  The latter's Edinburgh reach, (my blog is confined almost entirely to events within one council ward), has led it to build a readership which is now not far behind the numbers who visit my longer established Southside & Newington newsblog.  STV local is an even newer attempt to tap into the local news market with a blog.

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