Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Ascham Court for new street name?

The lodge in Boroughloch
The Southside is to get a new street name for the courtyard being created behind Archers' Hall in Buccleuch Street.  The proposed name is Ascham Court. Below is the reasoning.  The decision has not yet been finalised and any views - or suitable alternatives - will be welcomed.

The suggestion for this name was put forward by The Royal Company of Archers who own the land the new development is being built on. The new street is being formed within the grounds of their headquarters at Archers' Hall which is a listed building. An ascham is a cupboard or case used to contain bows and other implements of archery. The lodge on the corner of this site was knows as the Ascham Building and the locker room on the first floor the Ascham Room. The lodge is being incorporated into the new development and the Royal Company have requested that the name is not lost to the site. The name was originally derived from Roger Ascham who was an eminent exponent of archery in Elizabethan times.

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