Saturday, 7 May 2011

Edinburgh Central bucks the AV trend

Out of 410 electoral areas the Edinburgh Central Holyrood constituency is one of only 10 in the UK which voted YES in the AV referendum.

Edinburgh Central includes that part of the Southside & Newington ward which stretches from the centre of Edinburgh south to Holyrood Park Road, Minto street and Melville Drive.

Edinburgh Central: For AV:  14,486 - 51%  Against AV: 13,717 - 49%%
Edinburgh Southern:  For AV: 16,549 - 50% Against AV: 16,569 - 50%
Scotland:  For AV:  713813  - 36%  Against AV:  1,249,375 - 64%
UK wide:  For AV:  6,152,607 - 32%  Against AV: 13,013,123  - 68%

Results here.

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