Saturday, 28 May 2011

Religion in schools exchange

An exchange in the columns of the Evening News may be of interest to some.

It began with an anonymous article from a 'concerned parent' arguing that there is too much religion in non-denominational schools in Edinburgh. 

I responded suggesting a 'religion free' position is was simply another world-view which should not necessarily have precedence.

A correspondent responded suggesting I was being one-dimensional in advocating a religious observance component in school education.

I responded yesterday noting the desire to remove religion from schools is actually a more one-dimensional view and that we should not be seeking a lowest common denominator. Co-existence with respect is preferable.



Anonymous said...

To not believe in a supernatural being isn't the opposite and equal of believing in a supernatural being. The former is a position based on an exploration of facts and the later is based on faith. If parents wish to teach their children their beliefs they are totally free to do so. Schools however have a moral obligation to teach children facts not faith based opinions. Leave religious belief out of the classroom and let children make up their own minds - morality comes from humans not supernatural beings!

Cameron Rose said...

@ Anonymous:
". . . The former is a position based on an exploration of facts and the later is based on faith.. ."

That is not a logical statement -unless you make a number of a priori assumptions. You seem to be starting from the assumption that the former position has a monopoly of the facts. I think you can only do that from a world-view which, a priori, eliminates evidence for the supernatural. Unless you have proof that that evidence - often cited by religious people - is wrong. How would anyone know if your 'evidence' is absolutely true? I suppose you are asserting faith is the opposite of evidence. By one definition, yes. But I think most religious people would use it meaning one or other of the several other definitions

Thanks for engaging.

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