Friday, 3 June 2011

Jawbone Arch public appeal under way

The public appeal is under way.  From today donations can be texted from a mobile or transferred at the Just Giving website online with a credit card or debit card.  See here for the background and incredible history of the jawbone arch - which is a testament to the vibrancy of industry, science and art in the Victorian era.

Donations can be made in these ways:
  • Online: visit (Meadows Jawbone Arch Appeal). You will need a credit or debit card and if you are a taxpayer, you can have the tax reclaimed
  • With your mobile:  you can now text up to £10 from your mobile.  Just text 70070 with the appeal code EWHT27 and the amount £?? (up to ten pounds) you wish to give. Tax can even be reclaimed on whatever you give. (Donors will receive an acknowledgement text with reclaim details)
  • Mail: Sent your contribution to EWH, 5 Charlotte Sq., Edinburgh EH2 4DR
Edinburgh World Heritage are supporting the project to conserve and restore the jawbone arch and are kindly handling the donations.

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