Saturday, 18 June 2011

Round up: University news

Now returned from a few days in Shetland, over the course of today I will pick up some of the local news which has accumulated over the week.  First up, Edinburgh University news.

  1. With revolution sweeping across the Arab world Tom McMaster, a 40 year old Masters student at Edinburgh University was uncovered as the author of a hoax blog A Gay Girl in Damascus.  Meanwhile the University announced an enquiry and suspended his use of IT facilities.
  2. We note the tragic death of Robbie Cammack, a University medical student, while climbing in the Alps.  A member of the University Mountaineering Club, Robbie, aged 19 and from Aberlour, was a gifted sportsman and academically promising.  See the STV account of this tragic but inspiring life here.
  3. The work of students Mikael Ullero and Christopher MacKeand in initiating and running work with a water charity active in Malawi is recorded here.
  4. A new gene has been named after the father of Scottish veterinary medicine and founder of the Dick Vet after a student's research at the Summerhall building a decade ago resulted in discovery of a new gene sequence.  The BBC has the story here.
  5. MBE's were awarded in  the Queen's Birthday Honours to Lesley Forrest  for her work with (transplant athletics) and Jill Pilkington (St Kilda sheep). More details here.

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