Thursday, 2 June 2011

Odeon decision next Wednesday

A decision on the Odeon is due to be taken next Wednesday when it comes before the Development Management Sub-Committee.  I note the papers do not seem to be online yet but will be available here shortly.

There are two applications - the first (08/00197/FUL) is for the Duddingston House Properties proposals and,originally recommended for approval in 2008, is now recommended for refusal.  The second (11/00394/LBC) is for Listed Building Consent for the partial demolition the first application would require.  This is recommended for refusal.

I will post up the links when they are up and I get a chance. 

Update 0800 4.6.11: Amended to include the links and to correct (italics) the error as to the recommendation for the first application.  H/T Philip McDowell


Philip McDowell said...

08/00197/fFUL is recommended for refusal. Item 4a in the papers for Wednesday's meeting has two addenda, both of which recommend refusal. See top of page 16 of that report. Please ammend the Blog entry accordingly.

Cameron Rose said...

Absolutely right. Amended.

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