Thursday, 30 June 2011

Tram to St Andrews Square - probably

St Andrew Square
After just over 5 hours Edinburgh, councillors voted at eleven minutes past eleven tonight to continue the tram to St Andrews Square, subject to satisfactory funding arrangements.   The decision on funding must be taken by 1st September at the latest.

As to the voting, unusually, several people were not present for differing reasons.  Each of the five parties proposed their own solution, and the smaller parties declined to swing in behind other parties when their proposal was eliminated.

Lib Dems: Continue to St Andrews Square subject to further information - 16 votes
Labour:  Haymarket - 15 votes
SNP: Referendum - 12 votes
Conservative: More information required - 8 votes
Greens: 3 votes


Anonymous said...

Ultimately, the right decision I think.

Anonymous said...

Which proposal did the Greens vote for?

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