Wednesday, 27 July 2011

20mph speed limit likely to go ahead

A street which may remain at 30
. . . but most of the proposals introduced at a later stage, to extend the 20 mph restriction to feeder roads and bus routes, are now recommended to be dropped following objections from police and Lothian Buses.

The 20 mph zone extends from the Meadows across to Bruntsfield Place and Morningside Road, extending back east along Cluny Gardens by Blackford Hill to West Mains Road and Esslemont Road.  To the east the boundary is Peffermill Road and the boundary of Prestonfield with Holyrood Park and St Leonards up to Bernard Terrace.  You can see a map in the full report which can be found here.

However main routes and feeder routes within that area will remain at a 30 mph limit. These include the Marchmont Road to Blackford Avenue corridor, and the Church Hill - Strathearn - Grange Road route.  The Ratcliffe Terrace, Causewayside route is still proposed to have a 20 mph limit.

The above are recommendations for consideration by the Transport Committee, which meets next Tuesday (2nd August) at 10am in the City Chambers. (It is a public meeting.)

Addition 27.07/11:-  If approved work is likely to be undertaken in the January to March period next year.


Iain Robinson said...

What were the specific objections made by the police and Lothian Buses?

Cameron Rose said...


In summary, enforcement issues and reduction in journey times. See paras 8-14 of the report - accessed via the link contained in the post.

Good wishes

Blackford Avenue Resident said...

There is a vicious circle here. We can't have speed bumps etc because it is a bus route, but the police can't support a 20mph limit because there are no plans for speed restrictions.

So we end up with a 20% limit on the roads that are already traffic calmed, but no limit on those that are busy!

The council report shows that 15% of the population exceed the current 30mph limit. How can this be justified?

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