Saturday, 9 July 2011

Brought down by heavy rain

BBC weather predicts "light rain showers" between 4 and 7 pm
It is not just the BBC weather prediction above which has been confounded by the heavy rain,.  Prior to 4pm today the BBC weather was predicting 'light rain showers' instead of the continuous heavy rain which transpired.. The rain seems to have brought down a heavy bough in the Meadows.

I was in Middle Meadow Walk when I heard the bough breaking and was in time to the very sizable branch crash to the ground.

It was from an ash, described in the 2009 Meadows tree survey as semi-mature with a hight of between 15 and 20 metres and a spread of over 12 metres.  There was no sign of it being struck by lightning (and no wind) and in any case at that time there was no lightning seen.  The tree's identification can be traced in the spreadsheet here on the  Friends of the Meadows website.
Most Meadows trees have ID

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