Tuesday, 19 July 2011

More on Grange/Sciennes crimes

On Saturday I noted the jail term of three years and 8 months given to Kenneth MacLennan for preying on elderly women in the ward and other crimes.

The Evening News later pointed out that the culprit was previously arrested last year for housebreakings and other offences when he was given a ten month sentence.  He was released after only five months in February this year and the more recent offences followed his release.

The incidents last year will doubtless include the occasions when my wife disturbed a man exiting our neighbour's house after a break in.
Unfortunate man he may be, but public policy should prioritise the protection of people from crime.  Forty two months may be a long time to pay to keep him in prison (of course forty two months doesn't really mean forty two months) but there is a very significant cost in releasing him in terms of crimes committed and the loss of confidence in the justice system.

The later Evening News report is here.

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