Thursday, 28 July 2011

New book tells Buttercup Dairy Co story

Yesterday I referred to the story behind the history and decor of the Meadows Lamp Gallery in Warrender Park Road.

Andrew Ewing, the man behind the remarkable Buttercup Dairy Company was a remarkable man.  He was a philanthropist, giving away much of the fortune he made through his company.

Bill Scott has recently published a book which charts the origins and history of Ewing and the Buttercup Dairy Company.  It includes pictures of some of the Edinburgh shops where the distinctive Buttercup features remain to be seen (Warrender Park Road, Raeburn Place, Comiston Road, Elm Row and Glanville Place).

You can buy the book here.  More information at this website.  Or ask someone in the area old enough to remember the shops. I note Amazon are out of stock.  The Meadows Lamp Gallery might  have a few copies and the publisher supplies direct.


bills said...

The book is also currently available at the Corstorphine Trust, Edinburgh; People's Palace, Felix and Oscar and The Shop of Interest, Glasgow; Kelsey's Bookshop Haddington; and Tippecanoe in Dunbar and North Berwick.

Bill Scott

Cameron Rose said...

Thanks for all the work you have done with this book throwing some light on a bit of local history which had largely passed us young folk by.

bilko said...

The book is now the subject of a Scotsman feature article

bilko said...

This is the link

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