Thursday, 14 July 2011

Parking bays for the disabled

The Council is currently consulting, through the formal Traffic Regulation Order (TRO) process, on a rationalisation of the enforcement of disabled parking bays.  In other words, the bays in the following streets are being checked to see if they are still required and if so, signing will be confirmed to a certain standard and enforcement will be by traffic wardens (up to now enforcement was via police and police wardens only).

The consultation closes on 19th July and you can see (and comment on) the details of  TRO/10/40F here and here.  There are bays under consideration in the following streets in the Southside & Newington ward:
  • Cameron Park
  • Cameron House Avenue
  • Clearburn Gradens
  • Cobden Crescent
  • Dick Place
  • Findhorn Place
  • Gordon Terrace
  • Grange Terrace
  • Granby Road
  • Kilmaurs Road
  • Hallhead Road
  • Langton Road
  • Lussielaw Road
  • Lygon Road
  • Macdowall Road
  • McLaren Road
  • Mentone Terrace
  • Moston Terrace
  • Peffermill Road
  • Prestonfield Avenue, Gardens & Terrace
  • Queen's Crescent
  • Rankin Avenue & Drive
  • Relugas Road
  • Ross Road
  • Savile Terrace
  • Tantallon Place
  • Priestfield Crescent

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