Saturday, 23 July 2011

Register: Ruby Player dies

Pictured (left) with Nellie Gembles (107)
At the age of 93, Ruby Player died yesterday.  A Southside stalwart with an irrepressible spirit, Ruby was involved in many organisations and activities and saw much of the history of the area unfold over almost a hundred years.  She was a regular attender at Kirk 'O Field church until recently.

In the early nineteen thirties she attended the first screening in the New Victoria cinema in Clerk Street  and she was later invited to the final screening (now known as the Odeon) in 2003.  I recall Ruby telling of her 'acquaintance' with Sean Connery and other stars from the gala premieres held in the cinema opposite her flat in Clerk Street.

NB  A picture always helps and apologies that the only one I have to hand is not of great quality.  It was taken at the birthday party for her great friend Nellie Gembles in January 2009.  Nellie passed away later that year.

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