Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Scottish Community Council body to close

The Association of Scottish Community Councils has announced it is to close down following a reduction in public funding from the Scottish Government.

The ASCC was seen by many as abrasive and not serving the interests of local community councils and it had certainly lost the confidence of a significant proportion of its members.  Some community councils, including Southside Community Council had withdrawn their membership.

In this case the reduction of funding by John Swinney is likely to be a response to the complaints which have been made to him.  The closure is excellent news. 

Perhaps, in time, some community councillors will look to set up a more responsive representative national body.


Cameron Rose said...

Anonymous, I received your comment and there appears to be a technical problem which has disappeared it. I'm investigating.
However, in brief, first, thanks for engaging and your comments. Apologies for not at this time going into the detail it deserves.
I am not persuaded that the problem is a lack of vision for central funding. Aspects of the ASCC are professional. But how anyone can conceive that a threat of legal action against a member is constructive, proportionate or credible beggars belief. And to suggest that the supply of central finance is all that is needed to achieve the desired effects in running a support organisation is inadequate. Apologies for the brevity.

Anonymous said...

Not to be seen to be entering into a game of 'pingpong'or to breach anyone's right to confdentiality but I feel the comments you make need a constructive reply. Someone of your standing would understand that being a 'memeber of a group' doesnot warrant the right to be beyond reproach!.

Secondly I didnot suggest that only money is required - I suggested adequate resources! Anyone who has any knowledge of Management & Finance understands the basic economic requirements for fundemental and efficient undertakings of an organisation.

However I would suggest that the issue of funding and the issue of the CC in question are entirely two seperate topics and should be dealt with respectively.

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