Wednesday, 24 August 2011

"City rescued from financial ruin"

The city chambers was in turmoil.  Massive development projects had plunged Edinburgh into the red and the city was up to its neck in debt . . .
Cover of new book
A few days ago I drew attention to a couple of persons after whom streets in the ward are named.  One was Lord Provost Duncan MacLaren.  Co-incidentally, Willis Pickard published a book "The Member for Scotland: A life of Duncan MacLaren" earlier this year.  MacLaren is credited with digging the city out of a mess and saving it from bankruptcy.

The review of it in today's Evening News begins with the quote at the top of this post. Some might think his story has parallels.  The turmoil bit has been easily achieved.  Now for the harder part of bringing stability and restoring the city's reputation.

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