Friday, 12 August 2011

Election hustings: McGill 'stole the show'.

Iain McGill: Savvy
Here is a report of a hustings for the key council by-election next Thursday (18th August) in the neighbouring City Centre ward.  The Broughton Spurtle's far from uncritical reporter at the scene reviews all the candidates concluding, Iain McGill was the 'best debater on the night'.   I have added the local reporter's full assessment below.

The result of this by-election could be key for the make up of Edinburgh's council - as I will post later today.

But if you are one of the voters in the City Centre ward, do take time to read the Broughton Spurtle report in full with its assessment of how all the candidates acquitted themselves. Meanwhile, here'e what he said about Iain McGill:
Iain McGill (Conservative)
Charmed and dominated this hustings. Effective, combative, ad hominem humour. Best debater on the night. Savvy appeals to change the regime. Particularly passionate and convincing in aspirations for health and social care management. First Tory candidate Spurtle has ever heard so widely applauded. Surprisingly stole the show. 
 I am assured that the Spurtle author is certainly not a Conservative!  

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