Thursday, 22 September 2011

Fly posting revisited - part 2

The story so far.  A group who are responsible for a considerable amount of illegal fly posting in central Edinburgh told lies when challenged by the manager of a venue where they planned to do a fund raising concert.

When informed that the group had not taken down their illegal fly posting as they had claimed, the venue manager went out to check for himself and found 47 posters which he duly took down  himself.  He was furious and contacted a member of the Zapatista 'charity'. 

Later in the day I took a telephone call from Michael, a representative of the Zapatista benefit group.  He profusely apologised for the illegal display of the posters and stated he had personally been out taking them down.    We shall see if they are all down.

I am assured by the venue manager that if they are not, the gig, due later this week, will be cancelled!

Thank you to the venue manager.  The co-ordination is a benefit of the Unight arrangement. The Zapatista support group, serial offenders in illegal fly posting, have now removed at least some of their unsightly posters.

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