Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Flyposting revisited - part 1

Bear with me as I recount a small success against fly posters.

Last weekend a large number of  'Zapatista' posters appeared in the ward and around the University advertising a 'charity event' at a  club venue in Edinburgh this week.   The Zapatistas are a revolutionary leftist group based in Mexico who have declared "war against the Mexican state".  There is an Edinburgh based support group who claim to be supporting 'health and education" projects in Zapatista communities.  Does that ring alarm bells with you as it did with me?

As usual I ripped down a few of the posters and contacted our community wardens who have an excellent arrangement with club venues to deal with groups who advertise their gigs with illegal posters.  In turn they contacted the venue whose manager immediately contacted the 'charity' who had arranged the gig. 

Representatives from the Zapatista benefit group responded promptly by saying they had been out and removed all the posters.  This, of course, was simply untrue. 

What happened next is a small success against fly posting with the total co-operation of the club venue concerned.  I will post the second part of the account in the next day or so when I get a minute.

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