Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Statutory notices

You can see today's BBC programme Scotland's Property Scandal here.

I have previously posted on this subject here and here.  In the first of those posts (in October last year) I drew attention to a Council report which highlighted an internal audit review which concluded there were serious problems with the statutory notice implementation in Edinburgh.  A police enquiry was subsequently set up as was an external review by consultants. We await the results of the external review and the police enquiry.   

The situation is very serious. Many people in the Southside and Newington ward and throughout the city are affected and there are many people who have scaffolding on their properties who are now  in limbo as the Council has suspended all but essential work under this system.  Doubtless there will be substantial costs to the public purse for Edinburgh as the extent of the  scandal (for that is what it is) unfolds.

Although the BBC report has given a few more details I did not see anything beyond what I understand is already subject to investigation.  We await the police and external reports to give further indication of the scale of the issue.

Like many residents who have come in contact with the statutory notice system in Edinburgh in the last few years, events have led us to examine our dealings with the department and its council officers in a revised light.

In particular, I recall Cllr Alastair Paisley was the first person persistently demanding answers about the department and its officers several years ago.

Updated 220911 to correct the link to the programme.


Anonymous said...

Most worrying.And what else if this corruption is proven?

Anonymous said...

One of the building company-alledgedly Action now in administration since 20th Septembet2011; is this true?

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