Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Alternative Business Models

The Unison meeting
The phrase above (ABM for short) is in vogue for the process of using competitive tendering to get efficient services.  Privatisation, in other words, though the tenders are compared against 'in house' proposals and the key is to get the best value possible, either from the Council continuing to manage the service or by bringing in an external company.

Since early 2009 Edinburgh Council has been preparing to offer a range of services to undergo this process.  All councillors meet tomorrow (Thursday) to consider the Environmental (including waste) range of services.  The company Enterprise has been recommended to run the range of services and you can read the report here

I attended the Unison public meeting on the subject in the Appleton Tower (just off Potterrow) on Monday and some people have asked me to respond to some of the points made there.  I'll do that in a subsequent post.

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