Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Cemetery secrets at Grange

Grange Cemetery (Tom Bishop)
A project to record all the information contained on gravestones in Grange Cemetery has been completed after 10 years.

Details can be found here.

Famous people interred there include

  • Sir George McCrae,  as a volunteer soldier in WW1 he famously raised the 16th Battalion of the Royal Scots with the entire Hearts football team as recruits.  His funeral in 1928 was the biggest seen in Edinburgh before or since.
  • Robin Cook, former Foreign Secretary who died in 2005.
  • Rev Thomas Guthrie, preacher and philanthropist, he founded the ragged schools to give destitute children a free education.  He died in 1873 and Guthrie Street is named for him.
  • Hugh Miller, geologist who died in 1856.
  • Rev Thomas Chalmers, converted after he became a minister, he went on to lead the Free Church.  A mathematician and political economist, he died in 1847.

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Tom said...

Michael Turnball,historian has a book on Edinburgh graveyards A good suppliment.

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