Thursday, 27 October 2011

Decision delayed

The Administration running Edinburgh have decided to postpone until 24th November the decision on whether to accept the recommendation to engage in a partnership with a private company to deliver a range of 'environmental' services.

In the vote this afternoon the Conservatives (11) voted to seal a deal with the partnership company, Labour (15) and the Greens (2) voted to continue with in-house staff running the service, and the SNP (12) declared themselves in favour of the in-house service - but voted with the Lib Dems (16) for a delay of a month to enable further consideration, mainly by the Lib Dems who have not all seen the detailed information.

Note. The recommended deal (now put on hold) relates to a range of environmental services which are contracted to deliver very substantially improved services (including refuse collection) and at significantly reduced costs.  There are two further areas being considered.

Previous post here and STV report here.

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