Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Stupid but not as stupid as many

The Kismot Restaurant specialises in publicity.  Wacky food and curry ice creams and the like.  The latest was the Killer Kismot Curry challenge which took place on Saturday and went a bit wrong as two competitors ended up in hospital.  People do stupid things.   See the BBC report here.

But just before everyone gets too self righteous about the competitors and organisers, consider the number of people who get themselves blitzed with alcohol or drugs - and those who supply them - and who load staggering costs onto our acute health services, especially every Friday and Saturday night.  And then there is the slow burn abusing of our bodies by drugs, alcohol and even food - often no less serious or costly.  (BTW I'm only admitting to the occasional excess on that last one.)

Certainly I don't think it very smart of the Kismot Killer competitors.  Or Abdul who dreamed up the stunt.  But some people pointing the finger would do well to address their own habits.

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Anonymous said...

STOOPID!!! They signed papers-let them pay the price- no not just the so called food-but the medical services!!!

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