Friday, 4 November 2011

'The Grapes' gain extension

The Grapes in Clerk Street, a troubled pub which lost some of its opening hours at a hearing of the Licensing Board in April this year, has won back its morning opening hours from 9am at another hearing this week.

It is difficult to comprehend this decision of the councillors on the Licensing Board earlier this week in  the face of the evidence presented by the police which is contained in this news report. Below are some extracts of the evidence presented:
"Council officers were also said to have been prevented from inspecting the premises by drunk punters whilst staff made "no attempt" to intervene during the incident in May. . . on entering the premises, they were approached by two hostile patrons, who prevented the officers from carrying out their duty"
"In his police report, Inspector Gordon Hunter added: "The incidents detailed that staff had poor control of the patrons, an issue that was exacerbated by the cheap pricing of alcohol.  The detection of cellophane wraps within the toilet indicated that persons were involved in the misuse of drugs on the premises.  . . . He urged the councillors to keep the ban in place."
In vain.

If any local residents or others have a story to tell I will be interested to hear it.  See here for my contact details.


Tychy said...

Alas, not a libertarian Tory...

Cameron Rose said...

Libertarian with boundaries!

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