Friday, 4 November 2011

Ruth Davidson new leader

Ruth Davidson is the new leader of the Scottish Conservatives.

The results were as follows:

First round:
Davidson - 2278
Fraser - 2096
Carlaw - 980
Mitchell - 472

2nd Round:
Davidson - 2469
Fraser - 2180
Carlaw - 980

3rd Round:
Davidson: - 2983
Fraser - 2417

OK, not the result I voted for but the people who mattered in this election have spoken.

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Tom Reilly said...

Angus McLeod said it all this morning on Radio Scotland;yes two years ago she would have been chatting to Angus in that studio.BUT what are here idea so as to reinvigoarate the Conservative Party? Holyrood needs an opposition-for democratic purposes.Checks and balances.
OK it is up to that party to provide those as indeed is that other one with its ? leader emanating from the halloween shadows.

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