Thursday, 8 December 2011

Camping, the Meadows and the Scotsman

There is an article in the Scotsman today grandly suggesting the Meadows might become a campsite during the Edinburgh Festival.

What happened was this.  A few months ago the Edinburgh Festivals Challenge - a online brainstorming of ideas to improve Edinburgh's festivals came up with 25 ideas.  One of them from Judy M of Edinburgh was the suggestion to use the Meadows as a campsite.  The idea took a bit of flak and Judy M agreed that the Meadows was not such a good idea though other sites could work.  Nonetheless, a panel of seven of the great and the good (see here) selected 5 of the ideas as worthy of a bit of further investigation as to whether they might contain something viable.

In today's Scotsman an inventive journalist has written the story up a bit, conjuring the prospect of  a kind of T in the Park in the Meadows.

It won't happen, though.  The Meadows is already busy enough in the summer.  The idea somewhere might have merit  in principle, but it won't happen in the Meadows.  The Council's events team are now doing all they can to scotch the possibility.

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