Thursday, 29 December 2011

Dick Place: average price FALLS to £1.5m

The BBC, Evening News and many other news sources are reporting that Dick Place is the most expensive street in Scotland with an average house sale price of £1.5m.  Edinburgh has 13 of the top 20 most expensive streets in Scotland.  The information comes from a 4 year average of properties sold.

But wait a minute.  Did this blog not report similar figures already this year?  Indeed here is the post from March and it provides interesting comparisons.  The average sale price for then for Dick Place was £1,628,000.  Now, nine months later, it is quoted as £1,506,000.  That is a fall of the 4 year average (over 9 months) of 6.27%.

Yet at the same time Dick Place has gone from third in the league table of Scotland's most expensive streets to top.  And Edinburgh has fallen from having 15 in the top 20 in March to 13 in the reports today.  So perhaps the headline should be. . .

Housing prices in Edinburgh falling.

You can find out who some of the residents are in other articles covering the story:

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