Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Leeds, Norfolk, Teeside and Lincolnshire

These are the destinations for much of the domestic waste we recycle.

Edinburgh's recycling goes, according to this investigation, to:
Batteries: Garlaston, West Midlands
Glass: Leeds
Paper:  Norfolk
Plastics:  Teeside then Lincolnshire

Council policies are significantly directed by the EU driven landfill tax, and the Scottish Government's target of 50% of waste being recycled by 2013.

When you factor in the time and effort of separating everything at source (in our homes) it does beg a question or two about how efficient we are being.  

In our desire to reduce excess waste this all leaves some questions around the policies which we are following.  Views welcome.


Anonymous said...

I don't know about you but the time and effort of seperating waste at home is absolutely minimal. Maybe you consume a lot more though ;-)

Recycling in Scotland would be preferable so perhaps you can encourage Ruth to push for that in Parliament.

Cameron Rose said...

Short and low effort tasks when done repeatedly add up and take a chunk of time which for some, is a valuable commodity and has an opportunity cost. The ff link to some short quotes from the excellent Tim Worstall give a flavour of the questions which need to be asked.

The point about recycling in Scotland is that it is not very efficient. It demands markets and capital investment.

Anonymous said...

I look forward to reading the details of the time you "lose" each week to sorting your waste. Mine goes in a bin next to the non recycling waste bin, no sorting time required. Any further sorting takes place at big bins and again the sorting is seconds.

Still intrigued as to why yours is different.

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