Monday, 30 January 2012

20mph scheme preparations

Work paving the way for the launch of the South Edinburgh 20mph scheme on Friday 23rd March gets under way today.

The scheme covers much of the ward south of Melville Drive, Hope Park Terrace, Bernard Terrace and Parkside Street.  A map of the area covered can be found here (though a few additional streets within the area have been changed  to 20mph - see item 31 in this minute of the Transport Committee).

The installation of poles and signs - along with '20' surface markings will be carried out between today and the March launch date.

I will be interested in your views as the scheme gets under way.  The public consultation gained quite a bit of support - but it has not been done before on such a scale in Scotland.  It is a pilot and your views will be crucial.


Tom said...

How closely will this be monitored?

Cameron Rose said...

Very closely.

You may have seen the rubber strips across roads in the area a few months back taking control measurements of speeds for comparison purposes. In addition road casualty data will be carefully compared. And I am sure local resdients and road users will make contact if the pilot throws up issues.

Best wishes

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