Monday, 23 January 2012

Local superfast broadband upgrade

Green BT cabinets being installed on pavements around the ward are for Super Fast Fibre Access.

15 months ago I posted on this project designed to upgrade broadband access and speeds in the ward area for residents and businesses.  There are nine cabinets (at least I am aware of nine in the current batch) to be sited at the locations below for which approval was given at the Planning Committee last week.

The BT press release from October 2010 with a Q and A section can be found here and more information (from BT) on their Broadband project can be found at this site.  Planning process details can be found here.

The pavement cabinet locations:
  • 7 metres east of 2 Buccleuch Street
  • 34 metres southwest of 1 Crawfurd Road
  • 11 metres east of 23 East Crosscauseway
  • 40 metres east of 9A East Mayfield
  • 48 metres west of 19 East Suffolk Park
  • 8 metres west of 18 Marshall Street
  • 14 metres northwest of 19b Queen's Crescent
  • 9 metres north of 3 Rankeillor Street
  • 10 metres north of 17 St Leonard's Lane


David Abraham said...

Nice informative blog, thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

Did you miss a link for the planning details? Would like to look up details for other wards on the Newington exchange.

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