Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Occupy in the Meadows: Day 2

So they believe the world is imperfect (agreed) and they want to 'restore democracy' .  
Imperfect though it is, our democracy compares pretty well to Syria just now and to most of the rest of the world.  Ignoring democracy and breaching the Park rules which apply to everyone else doesn't seem like a good start to improving the world.  The majority of local people will want them moved on and so do I.
Legal action is required and I have made it clear to the Council staff that I support action to move them on.  I am reassured legal processes are under way.


Anonymous said...

Interesting juxtaposition of drawing comparisons with the Syrian Government immediately before demanding that (peaceful) protestors should be moved on.
Also, 24 hours seems very quick to be able to assess that the "majority of local people" feel the same way - I don't recall being asked.

Cameron Rose said...

The Syrian reference was a 'compare and contrast' to the assertion made to me that Occupy wants to create a democracy. There is another viable option - of supporting the one that is already there. (OK, given what I do, I would say that! :-))

My job involves having regard to the views of people. I made my estimate of how people in general are reacting - from those I have spoken to recently and from my experience of local views over recent years.

Of course, not all will agree. But I have provided the platform for you to express your views both to me and in the public domain.

Best wishes and thanks for commenting.

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