Monday, 30 January 2012

'Occupy' in the Meadows

 Liam playing his guitar

Evicted from St Andrews Square, overnight a small part of the 'Occupy' movement took over a small patch of the Meadows.  There are half a dozen tents situated to the west of Middle Meadow Walk.

So why are they here?  That was the question in my mind when I visited and spent a good while chatting to Liam and John.  Lovely guys, by the way, and we had a good chat - which I'll post more about later when I get a few moments.

But the summary is that they think there is a lot wrong with society (lots of agreement, there, then!) and that getting publicity - and especially publicity that encourages people to be nice to each other - will contribute to the social glue needed to build a better society.   And that will help regain democracy.  Two very big problems there.
  • Action outwith the very precious (though fragile and imperfect) democracy we enjoy is hardly consistent with 'restoring democracy'.
  • The evidence this morning is of a protest movement who have no real idea what kind of society it wants to build - other than being nice to each other.  
I suggested they move on.  But Liam was not keen on my advice.   Now to check out the legal position.  But I'll call again.


Tom said...

What would ones and the general publics view be were these chaps,Gypsy Travellers? No prises there!
Out immediately,depite many authorities reluctance to impliment an existing law and provide sites.

Cameron Rose said...

It doesn't really matter whether they are gypsy travellers, Occupy or tourists during the festival - there is a parks rule that no camping is allowed in any of the city parks. The problem is that enforcing it is a legal process which takes a bit of time.

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