Wednesday, 1 February 2012

30+ trees replaced in Meadows

This tree came down on 3rd January
January has been the month for planting trees in the park after 15 months when there has been a considerable natural loss - mainly from wind damage.

Thirty trees have been planted in the last few weeks.  And the Parks Department are looking to plant more  soon if they can get funds.

After a windless 2010 - and 2011 (along with the first couple of weeks of this month) where there were some very windy days, many trees were lost. They were either blown down or cut down in the control programme for Dutch elm disease.  It's all part of the ebb and flow on nature.

I've been in regular contact with parks staff (eg see here) and the initial moratorium on tree planting (mainly for budget reasons) has now given way to the current crop of planting.  Looking back, blog posts here provide something of a record of the storms of recent months as this search of the blog for 'trees' shows.

Thank you to the Parks and Neighbourhood staff for all the good work they do.

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