Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Apprenticeships no more

411 apprenticeships were contractually guaranteed to be created in Edinburgh over the next 7 years through council business. They were to come from companies bidding for the outsourcing of a selection of council business.

That figure was one those bits of information which came across my desk this week.  I think it worth sharing.  This is just another consequence of the decision of the SNP to withdraw their support for the outsourcing project.

In November I reported that the first batch of outsourcing had been rejected losing efficiency savings of £72m.  The second tranche of savings rejected in January amounted to just under £50m, again largely contractually guaranteed.   And the process cost £4.25m as well.

Now we know that a further missed opportunity is the loss of 411 apprenticeships over the next seven years.  That is 58 apprenticeships per year.   What a scandalous wasted opportunity.  Scandalous!

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