Friday, 24 February 2012

Food waste recycling

All Local Authorities are required by the Scottish Government to provide a food waste collection service by 2013. The Scottish Government has provided £1.3 million funding to enable this in Edinburgh.

In spring 2011 a trial was launched to 50,000 households primarily in low rise properties. This includes a mix of housing types such as detached, semi-detached, terraced, main door tenements and up to 12 in a block tenements and flats. 

The service is now to be rolled out to the remaining 90,000 low rise properties by Spring 2012.  Some estimates suggest Edinburgh could divert up to 20,000 tonnes of food waste every year saving £1m in landfill tax.  That averages out around 41 kilos of food waste per person in a year (or just under 4 ounces per day).  The landfill saving is around £2 per person per year (though I don't have figures for the additional cost of a separate collection, and transporting the food waste to Cumbernauld (see below). Here are the details of current plans to extend this collection
  • the first phase will be rolled-out in Colinton, Trinity, Newington, Grange, Inch, Duddingston and Cramond 
  • all households in low rise properties will be given a starter pack that includes a kitchen caddy, food waste bin (for kerbside collection areas), compostable liners and an information leaflet/calendar
  • households will receive a food waste collection once a week on the same day as their current kerbside red and blue box collection
  • the Council's refuse collection staff will be collecting food waste from householders (during the pilots, Palm Recycling carried out the collection)
  • food waste will be taken to Scottish Water Horizons at Deerdykes in Cumbernauld where it will be turned into bio-fertiliser and compost
  • some more details on the Council's food waste recycling web page.
 Comment:  I wonder whether separate collections are worth the candle bearing in mind the figures above.  Of course we now have laws which say it must be done.  At least the Scottish Governmenthas provided some money.  Wait a minute. It is our money we gave them on trust!

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