Friday, 17 February 2012

Sillars speaks

Jim Sillars, former deputy leader of the SNP, lives in the Southside and Newington ward.  He and I may not agree on some issues.  However, two recent articles he has had published merit an airing.

Earlier this week he wrote a constructive contribution to the debate on prayer during Council meetings after the court in Devon ruled tha,t though prayer was not a human rights breach, it not authorised by local government legislation.  An appeal is pending.  Jim Sillars' contribution is here.
"This isn't a matter of atheists tolerating Christians, as though the latter's belief is a matter for mockery.  It is a matter of respect for those whose conduct in this age seeks the public good by reference to the ideals of Christ's sermon."
Last week in the Scotsman  he added his voice to those noting that global temperatures have not warmed for almost 15 years according to Met office figures.
"The Met Office's latest findings, from 30,000 measuring stations, shows the world climate, despite India and China pumping out massive amounts of carbon dioxide, has not warmed at all during the last 15 years."
I address this issue elsewhere in my other blog.

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