Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Valentine Freedom of information

As a special treat for Valentine's Day I want to offer you access to a list of information which has been put in the public domain via Freedom of Information requests.   The site is here and contains 366 things we might not know but for FOI requests.

It includes:

  • the location of every postbox in the country (with collection times)
  • how many individuals are still entitled to drive despite having 12+ points on their license, broken down by county and postcode
  • 0.47% of post sent by the Royal mail had incorrect postage on it
You can find Edinburgh related FOI requests here.

This is a Valentine's Day special post.  :-)


Anonymous said...

I looked at Number 16 (allotments, waiting lists across the UK).

It appears as if the only vacancies are in England.

Or is this a Government Department which thinks that England is the UK?

Cameron Rose said...

Yep. There is a mixture of replies that relate to England and Wales or, sometimes, the whole UK. But there are also localised ones to local councils and public bodies in Scotland. But there are also plenty more on the web which may be of interest to you.

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