Wednesday, 7 March 2012

20mph sign duplication (2)

An advantage of having a blog is that when large numbers of people get in contact about an issue, one post can make the information available to all.  So for those who have been in touch about sign duplication in the 20mph zone coming into play later this month (post one here), here is some information from the council's transport officials.

"There are generally two sign types:
i) 20mph gateway signs at all entry points from 30mph streets to the 20mph streets (a pair of signs unless junction widths are 6m or less = one gateway sign); and
ii) 20mph repeater signage along the new 20mph roads
Repeaters signs are being installed at approx. 350 locations, with these repeaters being installed on existing lighting columns.
Many issues likely being raised by your constituents regard new sign poles in the vicinity of existing lighting columns. These mainly concern the new gateway signs.
Gateway signs are too large to be sited on lighting columns, being 0.6m² and 0.5m².
The maximum size of sign that can be permanently fitted to a lighting column is 0.3m².  
Wherever possible we have tried to reduce sign clutter by relocating existing signs on to new poles, thus creating redundant poles.
These redundant poles will be removed as part of the project.
The contractors priority, however, is to get the new gateway poles/signs, repeaters signs (and surface '20' markings) in place prior to the 20mph scheme coming in to effect on the 23rd March 2012.  
The existing redundant unlit poles (approx 100will all be removed by the time the scheme comes in to effect.  
There will be some redundant lit poles requiring removalhowever, these will require a power disconnection so will be up longer before being removed."


Douglas said...

Thank you for sharing this information. I have expressed doubts about the additional street furniture associated with the 20mph Pilot, so it is good to know that there is an intention to remove many redundant poles. It would be useful to know the final tally of additional poles resulting from the scheme when complete.

Cameron Rose said...

Thanks for your comment. Will keep that in mind.

Max said...

I think you should also consider the opening of a Facebook page, to interact with your readers.

Cameron Rose said...

Thanks Max. I know, I know. Will look at it after the election.

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