Saturday, 24 March 2012

Blackford: bridge construction

The new bridge (see this post last month)  is now in position at the Hermitage of Braid near to Blackford Glen Road.  The old one, known as the 'Scout Bridge' had become unsafe due to rot in the main deck support beams. However there is more work to be done in advance of it opening proper - due on 20th April.  A constituent has enquired why the closure is for so long.  Here speaks the Council's bridges expert:
"As the site is very constricted, the main Hermitage path past the bridge and the Lang Linn Path over the bridge have been closed to the public to ensure their safety.   The work in hand requires the use of large construction plant, i.e. cranes, excavators and the like and as the paths are narrow, it is impractical to provide a safe route for pedestrians through the site.  There is no space to provide an temporary path past the works.
The new bridge has to be constructed on the line of the original bridge due to land constraints and previous land agreements.   The land on the the south side of the burn is not owned by the Council at this location but has agreement with the landowner for a bridge and path.  The temporary bridge was removed first to give the Contractor space to build the new structure and as the paths have been closed for safety reasons, there is no need to provide another temporary structure. 
Unfortunately because of the location of the structure, alternative routes for walkers are lengthy but unavoidable. "
The bridge was lifted into place last week end and a temporary path has been provided - though the Lang Linn path will remain closed until the bridge is opened.

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