Saturday, 17 March 2012

Cleaning up the Southside (2)

More photos of this morning's litter pick at Braidwood Gate (see earlier post)


Anonymous said...

I believe it was 3 street cleansing staff Depot from Craigmillar Depot, not 'bin men', that helped us with the clean up. These guys kept us right and ensured our safety; doing the dangerous bits and the heavy lifting, they did and always do a wonderful job. Much better than Enterprise could ever do. Thank you.

Cameron Rose said...

Thanks for your comment - and the little barb.

Colin, Joe and colleague were great today.

I'm not sure how you know Enterprise standards would be worse. What with contractually guaranteed improved street cleanliness, additional services, apprenticeships which are now lost forever - all at a significantly lower cost to the taxpayer, your assertion is not persuasive. :-)

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