Monday, 5 March 2012

New pupils primary intake

I know many parents of children due to start P1 later this year will be keeping an anxious eye on availability of places in their chosen school.

A report has just been published by the Children and Families Department which sets out the current view of accommodation and staffing issues.  It includes particular reference to Preston Street Primary where there are currently 44 registered catchment pupils.  Given the trend for catchment pupils to seek and get places elsewhere, the report anticipates the catchment numbers will drop to allow an intake of 40.  This would allow a class of 30 with a team teacher and the remaining 10 would be in a composite class of P1/P2 pupils.

Meanwhile, (and not included in the report), last I heard there were 28 catchment applicants for P1 at Prestonfield Primary, though again, there is likely to be a drop between now and August.

The report, to be discussed at the Education meeting next Thursday (8th), can be found here.

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