Monday, 5 March 2012

Prestonfield bus gate (now lane)

Just north of the bus gate/lane
I recently asked for clarification about changes to the bus gate between Prestonfield Avenue and Peffermill Road.

I think I will just give the reply I received in full.
"Over the years the Council has received numerous complaints regarding the misuse of the bus gate at Prestonfield by general traffic. The Scottish Government has recently given local authorities the powers to enforce bus lanes using cameras.
Bus gates are road links which prohibit general traffic and only allow buses and cycles. To allow for enforcement by camera, bus gates need to be converted to bus lanes. The bus gates at The Jewel and Prestonfield have been converted to bus lanes and are two of 10 sites that will be enforced by five portable cameras. The Council expects to commence bus lane camera enforcement on 2 April 2012. Prestonfield will not be one of the first five sites.
Please note that the Council’s Local Transport Strategy states that hackney taxis are considered as an important component of the public transport system and Policy Taxi 1 states that ‘The Council will continue to allow taxis to use bus lanes….’ and that is the reason why taxis will be allowed to use the bus lane at Prestonfield."
As five portable cameras are being shared amongst ten sites, that means we are not being told at any one time whether or not the automatic number plate recognition cameras are operating.

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