Wednesday, 21 March 2012

St Crispin's School update

St Crispin's - with allotments in the background
St Crispin's is a Special School in Watertoun Road, just off West Savile Terrace.

I has been identified as in need of rebuilding and was included in the 'Wave 3' priority list of five schools.  James Gillespies, Boroughmuir and Portobello High School have rebuilds in the pipeline and St John's Primary School at Portobello is just above St Crispin's in the list.  Here is the current situation (an extract in a letter from the Education Department:

"At present there is no funding identified in the 2012/13 – 2015/16 Capital Investment Programme for the replacement of St Crispin's and unfortunately, in view of the current financial constraints, there is little prospect of that situation changing in the short to medium term.  St Crispin's however is now second on the Wave 3 priority list still preceded by St John's Primary which is next on the list for replacement when the funding is available.  Due to the absence of funding no further work has been undertaken on options for St Crispin’s as this would entail significant further costs.  Should the prospect of additional funding improve consideration of options will be undertaken at the earliest opportunity."
More about St Crispin's at the school website.

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