Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Odeon listing moves from B to A

Historic Scotland has announced that today, the Odeon building in Clerk Street, was moved up from a B grade to an A listing.

Under the present listing system I'm sure it merits it.  Less clear is how the change will move us on from a ten year blot on the landscape towards a development which gets some use, life and energy back into this part of the Southside.

For the record here is some of the background information:
"Designed by the renowned cinema architect W E Trent and opened in 1930, as the New Victoria Cinema, this building is an outstanding example of an Art Deco cinema in Scotland and the United Kingdom. It is Scotland's best surviving example of a cinema from this period which includes a largely extant original interior decoration scheme. During the 1980s the original auditorium was divided up into several smaller auditoria, and a number of other alterations have been carried out (particularly in the entrance foyer). However, this work has been done in a largely reversible manner and most of the original decorative scheme has been retained, although some parts are currently concealed behind false ceilings and other additions."

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