Monday, 30 April 2012

Owen Dudley Edwards to chair local hustings

Owen Dudley Edwards
The only Southside/Newington hustings will be chaired tomorrow evening by Owen Dudley Edwards.  He is well know as a historian, broadcaster, and noted scholar.

It takes place at 6pm (Tuesday 1st May) at the Braidburn Inn, 200 Mayfield Road.  All local residents are welcome.

A record of service, the promise of more.
Council eletions 3rd May 2012:  Please put Cameron Rose as your first choice


Gordon Murdie said...

An excellent hustings, brilliantly chaired. Word on the streets is that Cameron Rose and Gordon Murdie were outstanding so it's just a question of which way round 1st and 2nd votes go!

Enjoyable evening conducted with courtesy.

Cameron Rose said...

Thanks Gordon. I think you would be good on the Council - but it would be good if it was not at the expense of me!

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