Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Project co-ordinator suspended

I understand Stuart Mair, Project Co-ordinator of the Canongate Youth Project (CYP) has been suspended.  The suspension is in connection with allegations about illegal material held on his home computer.

The Canongate Youth Project carries out a wide range of projects with young people and in schools in the Southside area and across the city as you can see from their website.

I know of nothing in the circumstances which implies illegal activity connected to the Project.

Update:  More details in this article in the Evening News


Anonymous said...

"Implies" not "infers"

Cameron Rose said...

A nice point. Amended.

Anonymous said...

No, you were right the first time - ignore what he said! To infer is to deduce form something. Tsk!

Cameron Rose said...

Come on folks. If you are going to keep me right can you just get your act together and give me simple, consistent instructions.

Anonymous said...

It's quite astonishing that this individual had been involved with young people for 30 years or so and was off- radar. The SSSC concluded that Mr Mair's offences were committed over a significant period of time. Regardless of possession indecent images its child abuse.
There is also evidence that PIE - Paedophile Information Exchange infiltrated institutions like Moray House back in the 1970's and 1980s so its members could get ranking jobs in child care.

It's about time we have a national inquiry into child abuse in this country

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