Friday, 25 May 2012

James Lynch - baker of this parish

James Lynch (Pic: Gareth Easton)
Here is more information about the post earlier this week which drew attention to awards to the Edinburgh Bakehouse in Newington Road. This is taken from Martin Hannan's column in the Evening News.

"Step forward James Lynch, baker of this parish, and the recipient of the national silver award and regional silver award at the Scottish Baker of the Year 2012 Awards, an astonishing achievement given he has only been in business for himself for ten months. I happen to know that 32-year-old James, originally from Craigmillar, hasn’t always had it easy in life, but with assistance at the start from the likes of that kenspeckle local businessman Edgar Ramsay, he has made a success of the Edinburgh Bakehouse in Newington.  James runs the business alongside his uncle John and has been receiving compliments from many customers who travel from all across the Lothians not just to enjoy his award-winning rolls and bread, but also his delicious savoury pies and sweet cakes.
James said: “Considering it’s still our first year of business, it really is a dream to get these awards and tells us we are doing the right thing for our customers.”

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